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The best logo ever designed.

When I was a guest speaker at the University of Nicosia last year, I was asked by one of the students, which in my opinion was the best logo ever designed. I answered unequivocally the IBM logo designed by Paul Rand in 1967. And I still think it is arguably one of the best, however I have had second thoughts since then. From now on I will go with the Woolmark logo credited to Italian designer Francesco Saroglia, designed in the early 60s and officially put into use in 1964. Important to note that this logo predates any design rendering software in use today. This was completely hand drawn. Its interwoven design perfectly depicts the wool threads that it was designed to represent.

I also recall my first encounter with the Woolmark logo. It was probably 1982-83, I was probably around 11 at the time. I was out shopping with my mom and she picked up a sweater for me and I looked at it and inside on the tag I noticed this little interwoven mark. It was small but it was still highly visible in its detail. That's what fascinated me the most. How could they design something so intricate and so small! I thought it was the coolest design ever. I am 50 now and I still do.

So what makes a great logo you ask?

  1. SIMPLICITY - Is the logo simple enough to be able to be flexible and scalable and go beyond current trends?

  2. PROPORTION - Is the logo balanced in every detail?

  3. MEANING - Did it stem from the company's ethos?

  4. TIMELESSNESS - Good logos look good for 10 years, great logos last for 50

  5. COLOR WAY- Does it render equally well in black and white? - this one maybe a little outdated as it mostly refers to cases in the past where the black and white version was required if color printing was not available such as newspapers and other publications.

  6. DIFFERENTIATION - Does it stand out within the industry it serves?

So if all of the above is in the affirmative, then you know you have an iconic logo on your hands.

But truth is, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and when you add one's life experiences, you and only you will decide which is the best logo ever designed.

My vote still remains for the one below.


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