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Cyprus Mail names Christos Joannides as one of the Greek Diaspora's business leaders.

“As entrepreneurs, we face constant challenges in growing our businesses and carving our own niche in the market. I wanted to compete in this everchanging and uber competitive world and use my passion and drive to bring concepts to life and give them wings,” said Christos Joannides

Christos, from Cyprus to Los Angeles, how did you find your voice as a creative? “Frank Lloyd Wright once said, ‘Tip the world on its side and everything loose will land in Los Angeles.’ Living in LA for the past 30 years, that quote could never ring truer. It seems everyone who is not bound by anything or anyone, and is brave enough to follow their dreams, has landed in Los Angeles. In my opinion, finding your voice as a creative in any city, is the honing of your craft paired with the right daily inspiration. Los Angeles has truly fed me in that respect and still inspires me every day.”

Did your Greek Cypriot upbringing influence your road to success in any way? “I consider myself fortunate for growing up on a Mediterranean island in simpler times with simple things. I grew up in the 70s and 80s in a country where there was only one television channel, and the telecast was in black and white. Imagine that. It is a great analogy, that put a lot of things into perspective for me later in life. Especially moving to a city like Los Angeles where abundance is everywhere.

“Growing up bilingually, speaking English and Greek was also very helpful in navigating college classes. My birth city of Nicosia with its Roman ruins, Muslim minarets, Greek Orthodox churches, and Venetian walls, served as a backdrop to my childhood that still influences me to this day.”



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