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Luxury Packaging Design Trends for 2024 and beyond


This is a no brainer. As brands grow, they must be in touch with the younger generations which are also their future clients. Sustainability remains high on young consumer's minds and they do pay attention to how their products are packaged. As a father to teenagers, I see it firsthand how my kids are always aware of recycling and repurposing and carbon impact. Keep it simple and in line with the brand message. Burberry does it exceptionally well.


Making the unboxing experience even more special. Brands will continue to seek out the latest printing treatments, whether it is eco friendly foils, recycled woods or paper and innovative manufacturing processes.

Our design for CHOCO LIBRE consisted of recycled bamboo as well as eco- friendly foil printing on recycled paper.


Here at FLAT 6 CONCEPTS we are big lovers of minimalism. Simplicity equates to sophistication and sophistication equates to luxury. Keeping it simple goes a long way in the luxury packaging sector. Use creative printing methods to create depth - such as embossing or debossing on the boxes. Couple clean design with unexpected patterns to add interest. We love the packaging we conceived conceptually for boutique luxury hotelier THANOS HOTELS.


Brand storytelling is all the rage in packaging design, however in the luxury space, subtle and layered is a little more appropriate for a discerning clientele. You don't need to scream loudly to leave an impression. A beautiful example seen above for a gift certificate packaging for the Corinthian Hotel in London. Chic, understated and so elegant.


When in doubt, go with all black or all white or a combination of the two. Always classic, always beautiful and always elegant. For a client of ours we opted for white embossing and black typography. Chic and timeless.



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