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Timeless Typography: 10 Fonts That Will Always Stand the Test of Time

What's in a font? Well if you are a graphic designer, it's your life. As designers, we live and breathe fonts. From the moment we wake up we get bombarded by dozens of fonts. Some are ugly, some are hard to read and some are beautiful and some are just simply timeless. They always look good no matter what application.

I am not a fan of trends especially when it comes to fonts. Nothing irks me more than some young design agency or creative director picking a font that will be trendy for a year and look dated in two. Call me old fashioned but I always tend to use clean, battle tested fonts or variations thereof. There is still plenty of flexibility within the ones I mention to achieve something fresh that will look good in years to come. As one of my favorite designers used to say, "Good design lasts longer."


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