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ADK is a boutique law firm based in Los Angeles. The firm had worked with a different agency and were not happy with the results, so they turned to FLAT 6 CONCEPTS for a redesign of both their brand identity and website.


Redesigning a logo with 3 names can be a little challenging. We needed to come up with something that was condensed, scalable as well as unique, appropriate and proprietary. We stacked the names under the monogram to create a more legible and hierarchical display of information and chose a colorway of navy blue, warm grey and white to instill trust and dependability. The website design follows the same theme. A clean, easy to use responsive website, that communicates clearly and efficiently the specializations of the firm.


Branding / Website / Collateral

Business card design
Image of site on Ipad
Brushed silver dimensional sign
Detail of website on ipad
Brochure for Law office
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