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Long time client David Brownlow approached us when he wanted to brand his new company. After our successful partnership in his previous ventures, we continued to branch out and diversify the Brownlow brand with a new name and new brand identity. Brownlow+ now focuses on very high end Italian kitchen and bathroom design and provides numerous turn key design solutions for both residential and commercial projects. Brownlow+ is also an agent for a number of high end Italian kitchens, bathrooms and furniture companies, so the approach to their brand was to keep it as simple as possible, so as to serve as an umbrella to the various facets of the business. Their focus is modern and clean design, and their corporate brand identity had to reflect that.

We are confident that it does.


Naming / Branding / Print Advertising / Website / Collateral

Brownlow+ deisgn by FLAT 6 CONCEPTS
Brownlow+ Book design by FLAT 6 CONCEPTS
Brownlow+ Website design by FLAT 6 CONCEPTS
Brownlow+ Truck design
Brownlow+ Exterior signage mock up
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