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The team at IKONIC YACHTS turned to FLAT 6 CONCEPTS for help designing a new brand identity that would exemplify a design centric company that is forward thinking and seeking to stand out in the world of super yacht leasing, sales and rentals.


We were always fascinated with the beautiful handcrafted wooden boats of the jet set era of the 1950s and 60s and the beautiful intricate details of Chris Crafts and particularly the Italian designed Rivas. The unapologetic use of abundant chrome and rich wood veneers emblazoned with the chrome emblems of the time, inspired us to dig deeper and come up with something that would be appropriate and classic and dare we say iconic. 

Our inspiration for the mark comes from that bygone era of midcentury modernism that permeated all facets of industry at the time that still looks fresh and contemporary to this day. We paired the mark with a customized "futuristic" font that would convey a company able to navigate the rarefied world of 

superyachts and  uber high net worth individuals. 

Ikonic Yachts

Branding / Art Direction

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