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When the client initially approached us to conduct a comprehensive audit of their overall branding and label design, we quickly recognized a significant opportunity for improvement. It's a delicate task for well-established brands to rejuvenate their brand identity without compromising the hard-earned brand equity they've cultivated. With utmost care, we preserved the core essence of their logo and the cone symbol that was used in prior iterations, embarking on a journey to reimagine it entirely, ensuring that it would possess a more assertive presence on both their labels and digital platforms.

In the dynamic wine industry, the evolving landscape of consumer preferences and demographics plays a pivotal role in shaping the direction of established brands. What once resonated with a more mature demographic of wine enthusiasts may require adaptation to engage with a fresher, more diverse, and younger audience. Our conviction was that by revitalizing the Kyperounda Winery brand and labels for their most popular red and white varietals, we would not only ensure their continued relevance in a fiercely competitive market but also set them apart from other brands adorning the shelves.

Kyperounda Winery 

Branding / Packaging Design / Label Design

Image of vineyard in Kyperounda
Image of top of wine bottle
Image of white wine PETRITIS design by FLAT 6 CONCEPTS
Image of Stationery for KYPEROUNDA WINERY
Wine glass with the new KYPEROUNDA WINERY logo by FLAT 6 CONCEPTS
Lose up of PETRITIS label for white wine by FLAT 6 CONCEPTS
Image of Red Wine Andesitis design by FLAT 6 CONCEPTS
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